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I have worked with attorneys in New York, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. Provided expertise in Safety Management Systems, navigation, rules of the road, onboard slips and falls, requirements for fall protection equipment, and industry best practices. Hull preservation and maintenance and safe work practices. Loss of life on Ro-Ro, operation of hatches, and longshore workplace injury (LHWCA). Analysis of causation of marine and longshore accidents. 

Additional areas of expertise include piloting, vessel navigation, vessel stability, cargo handling and stowage, ships cargo gear, passenger vessel safety, vessel survival craft, pilot boarding arrangements, ocean towing, HAZMAT, and enclosed space entry and ship and port facility security.


Provide service as a DPA and CSO for an operator of general cargo ships, a yacht management company that manages full ISM and mini-ISM yachts. Deputy DPA, CSO, and technical advisor to a management company that operates American and foreign flag yachts under full ISM and mini-ISM. Helping ensure regulatory compliance through effective record keeping.


Flag State Surveys

Flag State Surveyor for the Cook Islands, Representative and Inspector for the Republic of Vanuatu, and an Appointed Representative for the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Our professional survey provides the owner or potential buyer with a detailed description of the appearance and functionality of the vessel. The survey includes essential information needed to assess valuation for insurance purposes and to make a wise purchasing decision.

INTERNAL AUDITS: Shipboard and Office
  • ISM Audits
  • ISPS Audits
  • MLC Audits
Project and Marine Warranty Surveys

Providing an independent second party inspection based on the customer’s rules and regulations such as rigging, securing, or weather requirements.

Experienced Regulatory Advice and Representation

Implementation and compliance with CFR’s, SOLAS, STCW, ISM, ISPS, MTSA, MARPOL, MLC, IMDG Code, sub-chapter “M” and other national and international laws, regulations and conventions.

Vessel and Port Security
Vulnerability assessments. Writing of vessel and port facility security plans. Annual audits. Gap analysis inspections. Developing
SOP’s and procedural checklists. Training vessel and port security personnel in the effective and competent performance of their duties. Conducting drills and exercises.
Petroleum Loss Prevention

Lightering and Cargo Transfer Supervision. Quantity and Quality Analysis. Spill Response, Surveillance, and Attendance.


Promoting a behavior based safety culture to ensure a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace and ensuring adherence to the clients’ Safety Management System, including integrating subcontractors into the safety culture. Performing audits and eliminating unsafe conditions and behaviors. Help ensure regulatory compliance through effective record keeping. Implementing JSA’s, and preparing work plans to include stop-work authority helps provide a safe work environment.


USCG Qualified Assessor, Train the Trainer.  Training delivered in the classroom, port facility, or onboard your vessel.  Coast Guard and IMO approved courses and client-provided or specified content to meet training and regulatory requirements.  USCG license exam preparation.

Gap Analysis Audits

The pre-inspection.  To identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement with an eye on implementing organic corrective actions and repair prior to actual inspection by Flag State, Port State Control, Class.

  • ISM Code Compliance and Implementation
  • ISPS/MTSA Compliance and Implementation
  • Sub Chapter M Inspected Towing Vessel Regulations
  • Prepare Company Safety Management System
  • Navigation Audits
  • Accident Investigation
  • Develop Policy and Procedural Checklist
  • Operations and Safety Culture Review
  • Safety Inspections
  • Casualty Investigations
  • Emergency Tow Plans
  • Man Overboard Recovery Plans
  • Garbage Management Plans
  • SOPEP Plans
  • Vessel Arrests and Repossessions

  • ISM Code Awareness
  • ISPS Code Requirements
  • Onboard Drills and Exercises
  • Facility Security Training
  • Vessel Security Training
  • On-Site Representation
  • On and Off Hire Survey
  • Bunker Surveys
  • Project Cargo Verification/Survey
  • Fit for Purpose


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