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I have worked with maritime attorneys in Florida, New York, Louisiana, Texas, and California. Most casualties result from the company or operator failing to comply with the requirements of their safety management system or industry standards. We have supported clients in state and federal courts.

Cases I have Worked On
      • Explosion of a petroleum barge with loss of life.
      • Fatality of Second Mate onboard car carrier in dry dock.
      • Longshoreman suffered lifechanging injuries when he fell through a section of corroded cat walk deck grating located between hatches.
      • A 30-foot Grady White with the owners and guests onboard suffered a fire in the cabin while cruising the intercoastal waterway.
      • A “Mate” on a charter yacht suffered the loss of the right middle finger up to the first phalange, crushing of the right ring finger and hand.
      • A passenger on a cruise ship tripped over a carpet blower which was left in a busy corridor after its use.
      • The Captain of a charter boat grounded his vessel causing multiple injuries onboard.
      • A detailer was washing a boat when the boat was violently struck by the boat in the next slip. The boat detailer suffered a traumatic brain injury when she fell to the concrete dock striking her head.
      • The Captain of an Offshore Supply Vessel leaned against a section of chain rail while docking. The chain gave way allowing the Captain to fall to the dock below suffering career ending injuries.
      • The bosun on an oil tanker was struck by a messenger which parted while shifting mooring lines.
      • The Captain of an Offshore Supply Vessel working in the middle east developed kidney and prostate cancer after years of being exposed to hydrocarbons, oil dispersants and carcinogens without the benefit of personal protective equipment.



INTERNAL AUDITS: Shipboard and Office
  • ISM
  • MLC
  • Navigation
Gap Analysis Audits
The pre-inspection. To identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement with an eye on implementing organic corrective actions and repair prior to actual inspection by Flag State, Port State Control or Class. Frequently combined with annual internal audit.
  • ISM Code Compliance and Implementation
  • Safety Management Systems for cargo ships, SOLAS yachts, and Mini-ISM’s for yachts under 500 gross tons
  • SOLAS Training Manuals
  • Shipboard/Yacht Operating Procedure
  • Office Operating Procedure Manuals
  • Shipboard And Office Emergency Procedure Manuals
  • Plans and Procedures for Recovery of Persons From the Water
  • Emergency Tow Plans
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans
  • Shipboard Energy Efficiency Management Plans
  • Garbage Management Plans
  • Company policies, procedures and supporting checklist

Each of the above are specific to the vessel, company or facility.

  • Ship and Port Facility Security Vulnerability assessments
  • Annual security audits for vessels and port facilities
  • Writing of Ship and Port Facility Security Plans in compliance with the ISPS Code
  • Training of Ship and Port Facility Security Personnel in the performance of their duties
  • Conducting drills and exercises
    Designated Person Ashore and Company Security Officer or Deputy DPA and CSO to support a company’s Safety Management and Security needs.
    Our professional survey provides the owner or potential buyer with an impartial assessment of a yacht’s condition and a detailed description of the appearance and functionality of the vessel. The survey includes information needed to assess insurance valuation and make a wise purchasing decision. Extensive photos support all reports. Survey reports are provided promptly
    Attendance prior to and during a USCG Port State Inspection. Identify deficiencies and apply corrective actions prior to arrival of Port State Control Officials when possible. Act as owner’s representative to laisse with PSC officials to mitigate the effect of any finding. Frequently observations and deficiencies are a result of the ship to not following the company Safety Management System, this can trigger a detention requiring an ISM inspection by Flag or Class.

    Investigate marine causalities. Identify casual factors and prepare written and photo reports as requested by Management Companies and Recognized Organizations.

    Project and Marine Warranty Surveys
    Good practices and safe execution require verifying and examining processes by an independent inspection based on the customer’s rules and regulations rigging, lashings, and weather requirements to prevent damage to cargo and vessel. They are carried out before and continue through the load or discharge. Documenting the condition of cargo when delivered or loaded onto truck or rail, received on the pier, delivered onboard and when requested to the final destination. Photo reports document condition and damage suffered during transit or stevedore damage during load or discharge. This protects the owner, shipper, consignee, and insurer, potentially supporting insurance requirements, claims, and carriers’ liability.
    A pre-purchase survey is primarily carried out on behalf of potential buyers, but it is also used by banks, insurance companies and P&I clubs as part of their due diligence requirements. A pre purchase vessel inspection consists of a rapid examination afloat or on the hard of all readily accessible areas to ascertain the vessel’s condition and is usually carried out in no more than one day.
    Experienced Regulatory Advice and Representation

    Implementation and compliance with CFR’s, SOLAS, STCW, ISM, ISPS, MTSA, MARPOL, MLC, IMDG Code, sub-chapter “M” and other national and international laws, regulations and conventions.

    Promoting a behavior-based safety culture to ensure a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workplace and ensuring adherence to the clients’ Safety Management System, including integrating subcontractors into the safety culture. Performing audits and eliminating unsafe conditions and behaviors. Help ensure regulatory compliance through effective record-keeping
    Training vessel and port security personnel in effectively and competently performing their duties and conducting drills and exercises.

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